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Lost in VR - Gameplay video

Lost in VR - Gameplay video

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Click here to play the game! Made for the Global Game Jam 2021. Lost in VR is a virtual reality puzzle game where you must hunt for various objects in a warehouse to appease angry customers. The music is dynamic and was implemented by Mikey Parsons using the Wwise application. The music and sound design was a collaboration between Mikey Parsons and Ieva Vaiti. Broken up into four distinct sections, the music transitions depending on how much time is left on the timer, becoming increasingly tense and stressful as play progresses!

Producer - Luke Seymore

Game Designer - Patrick Perdomo

3D & 2D Artist - Mattias Stålberg

Programmer & 3D Artist - Jack Lewitan Stålnacke

Programmer - Matt Ciarlante

Programmer - Alfred Andersson

Programmer - Patrik Nilsson

Music & Sound Design - Mikey Parsons

Music & Sound Design - Ieva Vaiti

Lost & FoundMikey Parsons
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